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Mypostageratesaver cass certify, address correction. Mailersmvp offers professional postal mailers a simple proposition. Carrier route information must be updated using a casscertified process such as address check within 90 days before mailing. Lcp letter carrier presort canada post acronymfinder. Aug 10, 2015 you or your postal logistics company must run your data file through cass certification software within 180 days of the date of your mailing for non carrier route mailings 90 days for carrier route. Puerto rico commonly requires three address lines for physical addresses. Postal changes for high volume mailers pitney bowes. Wearables, gifts and supplies, unionmade and made in the u. We can also process your address file through the canada national change of address ncoa database. Addresses must be verified using cass certified software such as address check every six months. Postal service, it snowedone of those heavy, wet, springincolorado snows that knocks down tree branches. This threeinone software package provides address correction features to avoid costly errors, letter carrier presort to help take advantage of canada post discount rates, and track down addresses of households that have moved with national change of address ncoa updates.

Selected articles for city carrier assistants from the postal record, one of the best tools to help you make the most of your membership. Filter uncorrectable addresses to reduce wasted envelopes, labels and postage. Standard mail nonautomation enhanced carrier route letters. Complete yet inexpensive bulk mail direct mail advertising presort software pkg. Document scanning and imaging converts physical files stored in file cabinets or rolling files, into an. Click edit presort details when letter carrier presort is the preparation option. We return your file completely presorted, accompanied by the reports. Canadian phone append mergepurge presort anchor computer. Letter carrier presort lcp sequencing is the normal method by which mail is prepared if it is to be sent using canada posts admail or publications mail rates. When you drop a letter in the postal system, it begins a long and complex journey. Lcp is defined as letter carrier presort canada post somewhat frequently. Nonautomation addresschecking software include residuals with this sortation. Pave certified address management and presortation software. Nalc products national association of letter carriers aflcio.

A person employed to carry letters from the post office to the persons to whom they are addressed. To do that, they use a presort bureau or letter shop to prepare. Presort bureaus and letter shops specialize in preparing commercial mailings for customers. The act of congress of march 3, 1851, statutes at large of u.

Letter carrier presort lcp sequencing is the normal method by which mail is. Letter carrier presort volumes will be populated from the imported serp software files. Washington its the last week of november and the holidays are staring you in the face. You have been directed to this page because bcc software is no longer selling new licenses of bcc mail manager le. Newsletters carrier commercial systems north america. No other software offers such a wide range of updates, letter carrier presort, address correction and more, all in one powerful package. It offers a sliding scale of discounts based on service level, mail shape, and weight. Basic automation carrier route, and enhanced carrier route discounts. Small portions of presort mailings may be machined. Registered users of streetsweeper receive upgrades and software updates to meet changing canada. We are experts in everything from design and printing to presorting, inventory management, and beyond. Sort mailing data to any carrier and any sort specification within a full data processing and data hygiene solution. Consequently, this improves deliverability and allows you to attain all available canada post presort discounts. Group 1 software announced the availability yesterday of sortstream canada version 2.

By keeping the pave presort software separate from the cass certification. Monticello solutions provide mailers with costsaving benefits from postpresort mail. Lorton data uses pave certified postal presort software to presort your mailing list. Enhanced carrier route letter price pieces and enhanced carrier route. Delivery is enhanced for lettermail, advertising and publications mail when mail preparation is of the highest quality. Bmwin plus is a complete yet inexpensive bulk mail direct mail advertising presort software pkg. How is letter carrier presort canada post abbreviated. Address and deliverability validation solutions can close the loop on customer communications. No need to worry bcc software is continuing to support existing customers who have bcc mail manager le. Mail preparation and presortation guide letter carrier.

Let pitney bowes print, assemble, presort and post your mail. Allows mailers to sort their mail items for specific letter carrier walks or other delivery routes using presortation software. Bcc softwares cquencer offers lightning fast mail and statement processing for highvolume. Some beginning mailers choose not to presort their mail. We will even help you put together the perfect mailing list and streamline the mail distribution process. Postage saver software makes postal bulk mailing easy. Bcc softwares cquencer offers lightning fast mail and statement processing for. Letter carrier presort mailing lists are sorted for canada post letter carrier routes, for the lowest possible postage costs. This entry was posted in industry news, usps and tagged archives, cheney, congress, consolidation, letter carriers, network, plant consolidations, postal news, unitedstates, usps, videos on april 27, 2015 by presort. For a letter going to a carrier route served by the post office where you are dropping off the mail the lowest automation rate might be 14. You must confirm which software you used and the date on which the data file was processed on usps form 3553 for each mailing. And although there is one less week to prepare for them than last year, theres no need to panic because you can clicknchill, knowing the postal service has your back this holiday season.

Oct 20, 2016 usps presort is a discount for customers who sort their mail before sending it off to usps. Mail preparation and presortation guide letter carrier presort. Exchange is an electronic newsletter offering timely, informative and interesting news about carrier edesign suite software. Letter carrier presort address correction automatic ncoa updating. Mail and statement processing software from bcc software. Jsi data will ensure your data is sequenced to meet required specifications. Bulk mail direct marketing presort software bmwin plus. Lowcost software that makes it easy for you to save postage using low usps bulk mail postage rates. Bmwin plus is also pave certified gold for carrier route sorting for.

Our sortation service includes sequencing of your mail pieces to meet canada posts requirements. Get a mailing permit permission to mail and pay an annual mailing fee. Persort mailing presort software is a companion product to perzip4, our. Streetsweeper is part of a complete range of canada postapproved software available from pitney bowes.

The carrier route begins with a onecharacter carrier route type code followed by a threedigit carrier route number to keep the usps address quality. Some of these businesses will do it all for you everything from creating your mailpiece through dropping it off at the post office. A manual updating process of your address database can be timeconsuming. Click here to check out just some of the many products available for purchase from the nalc supply department.

Maxpresort os presorts mail of all types letters, flats, marketing, and machinable. Mail preparation and presortation guide letter carrier presort january 16, 2012 version 1. Our services include lcp letter carrier presort and ndg national distribution guide data presort services, offering mailers significant savings on postage rates. Userguide iv copackagingrates 64 create5digitschemel007packages 65 cosackingbpmflats 65 lettertrays 66 traypreparation 66 sizelimits 66. Basic, highdensity, highdensity plus and saturation. After being delivered to the regional center, it is sorted again to determine the local postal office. Since 1986 mailersmvp has been helping professional mailers choose postal software solutions which best meets their needs and fits their budget. Ndg presort mail is sequenced, grouped and containerized to allow us to bypass various mail processing steps. Usps inspector general says sunday delivery inefficient. Letter carrier presort lcp similar to ndg presort, adding sortation for letter carrier walks.

Subscribe to carrier s enewsletters for uptodate information on a range of topics. Pave is a usps certification process for presort software. First, it is sorted according to regional destination. Bmwin plus is pave certified gold by the post office to handle first class, standard. Our inhouse data processing team performs canadian address accuracy and letter carrier presort to your address file. Streetsweeper is software evaluation recognition evaluation serp recognized application that may be used to presort lettermail, publications mail, and admail per canada post corporation cpc requirements. You will be able to view andor edit the number of pieces and metered rate if required.

The ncsc grades this process and the results are returned to mailers to provide useful diagnostics for correcting deficiencies. Other mailers dont want to presort their mail but still want to get the lower postage prices. Delivered quarterly via email, each issue provides a wealth of information including technical articles, news about new software. Inhouse mailing national association of presort mailers. Lcp sequencing is a computerdriven process that prepares files of names and addresses so that actu. Direct mail services for your business presort inc. Postal presort sorts your mailing list to optimize postage savings and provides all of the necessary mailing documentation. Address management validate address and deliverability of your database.

Streetsweeper supports letter carrier presort lcg and national distribution guide ndg sort types. Which is why smartsort is indispensable for your letter, publications and advertising mail. The carrier route directs the mail piece to a specific letter carrier. Letter carrier definition of letter carrier by the free. The barcodes represent precise delivery information so that the mail can be sorted automatically in the order that it is delivered by the postal carrier. No other software package offers the same range of updates. Presort is the process by which a mailer prepares mail so that it is sorted to at least the. Nalcs letter carrier resource guide is a onestop shop for valuable information for all city letter carriers at every stage of their career. It is userfriendly, utilizing a point and click interface complete with dropdown menus, help screens and user manual.

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