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It was released on 6 october 2000 in denmark, 10 august 2001 in united kingdom, and 5 september 2006 in the united states. Seth does not define any words from the dictionary, the gang dissects the american dvd covers intentions, and lenny finds a new love. In the english version, he was voiced by david bateson. In the english version, he was voiced by david bateson, who played shark in the same film and also played agent 47 in the hitman video game series of the same name. Joe is the main antagonist of the 2000 danishenglish animated film help.

Film are developing a tv series based on the successful danish theatrical feature film help. The professor is a character who kidnaps the main three children and turns them into fish because he hates children. Were sorry but jwapp doesnt work properly without javascript enabled. Their 1999 debut album, creamy, made when the pair were just thirteen years of age, was. An animated movie from denmark starring the late, and immensely missed, alan rickman. Film, although it was originally released, produced and recorded in english in an attempt to increase revenue. Again, this movie does not really have a point or a moral, but it is entertaining, and made with a lot of heart, with some of the best animation out there. Im a fish 2000 on putlocker free that was released in 20001006 and ranked 6. Voice actors are listed from the english version only. Help im an animal davidchannels version help im an animal dragon rockz style help. Big fish is the enchanting story of a father and son, but its really the story of stories themselves.

He is a pilot fish who drank some of professor mac krills potion and became highly perspicacious and intelligent before he decided to take over the seas with an army of intelligent sea creatures. After drinking a mysterious potion, stella turns into a starfish. Determined to return her safely to dry land, fly and chuck take the. He is a giant great white shark who serves as the righthand of joe. Now, the three fish must find the antidote before their 48 hours are up. After seeing americamarten plan on writing a fanfiction story of the movie, help. Im a fish im a little yellow fish english versionradio edit. I got inspired to write a fanfic of this unique movie with a new oc. Rarely has the consequences of a fishing trip been as grave or exciting as in this grandly scaled tale, where three adventurous. Im a fish little yellow fish is a song performed by danish teen pop group, little trees.

Despite a flourish or two in the design, this really doesnt bring a lot to the table, given the. Arguably the lead protagonist and main character of the film, fly is voiced by jeff pace. Meet meribella, professor mac krills apprentice, and a mermaid. They remain like fish, or forever drink and must find the antidote within two days. A fish tale is a 2000 danish animated film directed by stefan fjeldmark and michael hegner, it was released on october 6, 2000 in denmark and released on august 10, 2001 in united kingdom. Three kids accidentally get turned drinking a potion made through an eccentric scientist. Despite the english original cast, it wasnt until 2006 that it came to u. The crab is a minor antagonist of the 2000 englishdanish animated film help.

Following is a list of the important characters in help. A fish tale 2000 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Im a fish is a 2000 animated danish film directed by stefan fjeldmark. Parents need to know that a fish tale an inventive, animated danish film nicely revoiced for englishspeaking audiences includes some suspenseful moments and some moderately scary visuals an angry octopus, a toothy sharkvillain, a raging storm, a battling army of crabs. In the danish version, he was voiced by ulf pilgaard. Lets commence your search for movie quotes and lines. Rarely has the consequences of a fishing trip been as grave or exciting as in this grandly scaled tale, where three adventurous children unwillingly become denizens of the sea and must race. The kids end up in the sea, battling octopi, dodging sharks, they must. It stars the voices of alan rickman, terry jones and a thenunknown aaron paul. In denmark, it was released as a single by fellow danish teen pop duo creamy. Im a fish is an animated science fantasy feature film from 2000 by the danish animation company a. Oh, and there is a great villain character played by late alan rickman, played beautifully. This beautiful and traditionally animated feature film tells the enchanting story of three children who inadvertently embark on an exhilarating underwater journey.

A bunch of kids turn into fish thanks to a mad scientists, and try to get back. Three children accidentally get turned into fish after drinking a potion made by an eccentric scientist. A face i never knew is beaming back when i look in the mirror smiling eyes, i cant concea. Im a fish is an actionpacked, entertaining 78minute animated feature film, made in denmark and dubbed for british audiences, starring the vocal talents of distinguished actor alan rickman and monty pythons terry jones. He is killed during the storm scene when his boat capsizes. Though no one is hurt or killed, the kids and fish are threatened with warfare, physical harm andor death in. Cast alan rickman terry jones impressive animation and a neatly villainous turn from alan rickman bbc. Im working on transcribing the lyrics to the songs i couldnt find the lyrics of online. Three childrenfly, chuck and stellaare on a clandestine fishing trip, when they. With this in mind, joe created a fish empire made of intelligent fishes made by his potion and set. Joe the fish was the main antagonist of winnie the pooh shouts help. Im a fish is a 2000 danishgermanirish traditionally animated adventure science fantasy musical comedydrama family film directed by stefan fjeldmark. Love the film love the song, decided to upload for everyone wanting the english version. Meanwhile, a fish named joe voiced by alan rickman and a shark have swallowed some of the antidote, giving them human intelligence and the fish decides to use the potion to take over the entire sea.

I hope the makers of the film wont mind me sharing the awesomeness. Im a fish full for free on 123movies released in 2000 year. Joe himself is a pilot fish who was at first cleaning out the teeth of a shark, but he is the first fish who had a taste for professor mackrills antifish antidote, and because of his, he considers himself the smartest fish in the ocean, and becomes a powerhungry dictator who plans to take control over all the fish in the sea, like a pilot. Again, this movie does not really have a point or a moral, but it is entertaining. Im a fish is a 2000 danishgermanirish traditionally animated adventure science fantasy musical comedydrama family film directed by stefan fjeldmark, greg manwaring and michael hegner, and written by stefan fjeldmark, karsten kiilerich, john stefan olsen and tracy j. Its about all kinds of stories, from the first stories whispered by a father to a sleepy child to the stories a son tells his father to comfort him as he nears death. They must find and drink the antidote within 48 hours, or forever remain as fish. The movie follows the adventure of the three children fly, chuck and stella as they. I say arguably bcause while chuck falls into the typical role of the nerdy overweight sidekick, chuck takes on a strong hero. Help im fish song from creamy was a danish teenpop duo, composed of rebekka mathew and rannva joensen. On putlocker all of gostream, gomovies, gomo, 123 movie and putlockers in one place select the video source below and stream online, if movie was removed, please check another putlocker server to play help. Ian james corlett is a voice actor known for voicing cheetor, goku son kakarot, and coconuts. Im a animal a animal tale fandom apps take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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